Now that my wardrobe is in a pretty good place as far as basics go, I am switching over my thinking/habits going forward. My new job means that I am no longer in the office regularly, and I have a lot of freedom in what I can wear to work. That being said, it doesn't change what I will wear that much. What has changed is the idea that I constantly need to be buying something new. I do have a list of holes I am trying to fill, and items that need replacing when I find an alternative. I also am keeping a seasonal list of items I'd like to try. Right now, I'm focusing on a single, high quality, ethically/sustainably made piece at a time. I am devoting my monthly budget to a single piece and seeing if I can stick to that. Winter is short and mild here, so I am still working on fall pieces. I just ordered my November piece- it's a long camel cardigan that can either be worn on its own as a dress or layered as a sweater. My October piece was a cream pullover sweater that I have already worn a few times. I think my December piece will be a sweatshirt dress. (I will try to add finds later, I'm on my phone now)