Hi friends, and happy Friday! Hope everyone is doing alright and keeping spirits up during this crazy time!

I had a very helpful insight thanks to Angie's level dressing post. She noted the way to bridge levels 1 & 2 might be (for example, to swap out a cozy cardi for a smart blazer, to level up from WFH gear to a meeting.

For my lifestyle, I need a similar 'one piece level-up' strategy to go from lifestyle-activewear to polished casual wear. Basically the key difference is a swap from leggings or sweats to jeans. Here I've been leaning on my t-shirts a lot, and I'm so glad I bought a few nicer ones this year! Because my active/wellness lifestyle components consists of lots of gentle activities - walking, yoga, meditation, which I tend to sprinkle through the day when I have free time, I don't get super-sweaty. So a 'one and done' t-shirt (i.e. not a basic that relies on layering) is perfect, because all I have to do is get dressed in the a.m. with the t-shirt and leggings, and then pop on jeans later in the day when my activities are done. I can easily pop the leggings back on if needed later in the day. Not that it's a hardship to change a top and pants (I obviously do for sweaty workouts!) but this little formula just makes it seem easier and less fussy.

So - I shall be on the lookout for a few more 'one and done' t-shirts, with flattering shapes or colours, and digging into my t-shirt pile to make use of some of the ones I haven't lately.

That was very long for a simple thought, yikes! But thanks for reading if you got through it!