Hi everyone. I’ve had a bit of relax time this Christmas, and I’ve been mulling over some wardrobe plans and goals.
Overall, honestly, my wardrobe is in pretty good shape. Any lack of outfit pizzaz is due to my own error, not from any lack of “raw materials” being available in my closet! My wardrobe is on the larger side of medium, and I am happy with the size of it, I do love variety so it works ok for me. However I definitely don’t want to increase the amount of items, due to both space constraints, and because I want to actually wear all my clothes…

Goal 1: no-buy until Easter. This is quite a massive challenge for me; honestly I’ve never done a proper no-buy before. Like, ever. But I want to do it because I’d like to more fully utilize the great items that I have before I purchase anything new. Also I would like to use some disposable income to put towards attending some art classes in the new year.

Goal 2: make more use of all the accessories and lip colours I have. I tend to skip this aspect of getting dressed, I allow precisely enough time in the mornings to choose an outfit and do hair and makeup, but I really want to allow another 5 minutes or so to pop an accessory or a bold lip colour on. I think the right earrings or purse can really take an outfit from good to fantastic! And I have some really cute items that lay mostly unused due to my morning time constraints.

Goal 3: Think carefully about whether to hold on to my slim fit jeans. I have two pairs of slim fit ankle jeans. One dark indigo and one black. I like the fit of these jeans, and of course they go well with some looser fit tops…. So long as the tops are not cropped. This is because these jeans are fitted around the butt and hips, and I feel like I want at least a tiny bit of coverage of those areas.
So really short and wide tops just don’t flatter with this cut of jeans for me. So anyway, they are very useful, but only for certain particular tops. I also like them with my doc marten boots. But a priority for me is to have a fairly current wardrobe, and I’m starting to feel like the slim jeans are just not current enough for my fashion preferences. But I’m not quite ready yet to let them go… hopefully they feel fresh enough for a couple more months.

Style moniker or descriptor? Not sure exactly, but, fun pops of colour, and a slightly child-like cheerfulness coming through in my outfits at times seems to make me feel good. And of course comfort and practicality are super important!
Thanks for reading xx any advice appreciated. Here’s some recent outfits. I was happy-ish with these.

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