Lately I've been so absorbed in work, so very little shopping has been done. And I can happily admit that my wardrobe is working really well! I actually have everything I *need*, though some stuff are always on my wishlist I have outfits for formal and informal work days, dressy and casual dinners and MOTG outfits (both jeans and skirt / dress options). Mo said something like this some moths ago, and it feels good, but also a bit scary because now I really have to justify what I buy and what should let go. That said - I love the hunt and I'm saving up for a leather moto - and will eventually need help to choose

The autumn, winter, cold spring wardrobe is much easier to work with than the summer wardrobe which is really frustrating. I am sort of covered, but not really happy about this part of my wardrobe, but I'll see what to do with it when time comes.

Anyway - I found this vintage handbag in a second hand store the other day. I don't think it is real leather, but it is in good shape. The brand is Swedish, but I don't know which decade it could originate from. Any ideas??

I saw several similar white bags in Berlin two months ago, but they were SOO expensive (and probably real leather), so I thought I might find something similar at a better price at some of my thrifting places here.

I thought it could be nice for spring and summer. When trying it with today's outfit, I thought it also might be appropriate as a white winter bag too. What do you think?

BTW - does it look like cheap plastic? Hmm - I think it looks better IRL than in the pic's

All comments and feedback welcome

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