OK, I'm stuck! After reading today's blog post, I thought I had figured out essentials, but after reading the comments, and trying to apply it to MY wardrobe, I realize I am confused.

Here's an example: so, I wear denim daily. I would consider jeans then to be one of my essentials. But it seems like what is needed is a type of jean, right? Specifically, for me, a dark wash, skinny or straight leg (to tuck into boots so I can wear them year-round), mid-high rise, full length. Done.

BUT... then I looked at my tops, and it seems like my essential is a knit pullover (v. a shirt or blouse). Is it specific enough to say JUST a knit pullover? I rely on different necklines (t-neck, crew, boat) in a few colors (olive, navy, cream) and sleeve lengths to make outfits work. Then, there are toppers. I wear a jacket of some sort almost daily (except in summer). "Jacket" is a category... so would I need to get more specific here, too? I could say olive topper, to include all various weights and styles, but that doesn't seem specific enough. To list out each olive topper (field jacket, parka, puffer, wool peacoat) seems .... excessive?

What am I doing wrong?!