Hi all, based on Angie's post, I am having another try at defining my wardrobe essentials ... here is the list as I made it a few weeks ago, with comments. Overall, I think I was making two mistakes in thinking about essentials:

  • I think I had included too many things, and things that for me are more statement or finishing pieces, rather than essentials (I think I confused because for me these pieces are so simple, like a navy blazer - but they are not essential to every day dressing, nor would my wardrobe fall apart with out them)
  • Because we have so many seasons (as Elizabeth P said elsewhere, really we have about 6 distinct weather seasons), it's tricky to define 'essentials' for very weather-impacted items like jackets or shoes. How do multi-season folks manage these - have an essential for each season? Or do these become too specific to be true essentials?
From my last list, these I think are true essentials:
  • fine-knit, body-skimming sweaters in variety of neutrals and shades
  • fluid tees (summer)
  • dark-wash skinny jeans
  • white jeans/shorts
  • stud earrings (crystal or pearl)
  • striped tops
  • cotton-jersey sundresses (summer)
These are items I had initially has as essentials because I love to have in my closet, but they are not true essentials because they are not cornerstones of my wardrobe:
  • navy blazer
  • black slim trousers
  • a jean jacket
  • a neutral medium-sized tote bag
  • a black clutch
  • a gray Roots hoodie
These are items the requirements for which change significantly depending on the weather, and some might be absolutely 'essential', but only for only a month or two:
  • neutral, walkable flats, including ballets flats, canvas sneakers, white Birkenstocks, winter boots, rain boots
  • nude wedges
  • neutral booties with a heel
  • other necessary weather-related gear: lighter-weight beanie, toque, light and heavy weight gloves and mitts, lighter and heavier weight scarves, rain gear, puffer, wool coats of different lengths
Looking forward to reading and hearing about everyone else's essentials!

H. x