My whole wardrobe is saved on boards in Pinterest. I started 4 years by creating yearly boards and adding pictures of every item I bought. Eventually I found pictures of my older items and now have a full picture.
This weekend I have been thinking about how much I actually love my clothes. I don’t have big plans for editing. I earmarked about 20 pieces that will have to be evaluated at the end of the winter and in the beginning of the next summer season. Mostly, older garments that might be moved to lounge wear and a few have some style shift issues.
I’m keeping the rest and possibly some questionable items.
But do I like them equally? How much would I keep if I ran a ruthless (and unreasonable) edit?
So, with this in mind, I created a new board and copied everything that I really love. The result? I kept a bit more than 50%. The rest is OK but I would not miss it. I feel disappointed in myself to a certain degree. I was hoping that I made more concise choices and my wardrobe is more curated then it actually is. My selection of “keep” items is not limited to interesting designs, recent purchases or statements. But I certainly need to be more selective with my essentials.

Over to you - have you thought about the % of your wardrobe that is not just OK but great for whatever reason. Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging anyone to get rid of unloved clothes nor I’m planning to do it myself. More than anything, this is just my musings on the state of my wardrobe and my own purchasing decisions.