Do you ever buy scarf duplicates? In December I bought a marvelous patterned wool scarf in the color mix where all colors suit me! And it looks good with every outwear, and with every hat... And with me, even when there is no makeup.
Now it's even cheaper, like, the "last sale item". And I wonder, shall I get another one?
On one hand, how often is it to find an item that fits to everything? It's pretty warm and I need it only in the cold season (4-6 months). Or I can use it at home as a wrap.. On the other hand, I think, "what can possibly happen to a scarf that I might need a duplicate for it? It's not a t-shirt or hosiery, right?".
Has this ever happened to you and what solutions did you choose?

P.S. I want to thank everyone for your help with my chartreuse skirt problem! Ironically, the problem got solved by the skirt being torn when I tried to put it on...)))