I will spare you the pictures of my drawers. I am in the middle of packing for a 2 month trip. Usually, I am the neat and tidy type but everything is all over the place right now.

Swimming Suits
I have several two piece swimming suits and have no need for more. I am very happy with this capsule. I don't have a cover up and use a denim shirt.

Yoga and Work out Gear
I have everything I need. I will need a pair of Yoga leggings soon and I will keep my eye out for those.

Tanks and Camis
I bought several last year to replace the ones that had worn out. They work fine for my purposes. I don't wear them that much.

Need. Wish I didn't.

I stocked up last year and I am in good shape.

I usually buy lots in Florida but now I have so many I think I will pass this year.

I need at least one nude T-shirt bra.

Shopping List
One nude T-shirt Bra