Hiya, I just completed my review - things in decent shape happily. Although I committed to limiting my purchases, I excluded basics from that, but as it happens, a few pieces will be all I need for basics. Here's the details for interested folks:

  1. Swimwear. Have 2 full-pieces and 2 two-pieces, which is loads for me. Could easily get it down to 2, but kept the pieces that are still in good condition and flattering that I don't wear as much, as I tend to 'over-purge'. Also have a long-sleeve cover-up shirt, a cover-up halter dress and a rash guard, which I may toss as I rarely wear it - will wait until summer travel plans set though.
  2. Tanks and camis. Dire need of refreshing. Some were complete tat; some uncomfortable. I'm left with four, and they are in need of replacement but will do until then. I wish Target still had the Merona tanks; those were the best! Will hunt for some soft and comfy ones this weekend if I have time (will scour posts for recos or please share!)
  3. Workout Stuff. Got rid of one old hoodie that's uncomfortable, and a few pairs of capri-length leggings that I never wear. Have plenty for my needs - two leggings, two shorts, three sports bras, three looser tops, and a light-weight pull-over.
  4. Jammies. Got rid of some fleece ones that are too hot and don't breathe well, as well as a few odd bits that are too floppy and sloppy. Two pairs are a little faded but still decent and comfortable - so I'll keep an eye out for suitable replacements, but no rush on this. Plenty for two laundry cycles.
  5. Socks - All good. I'm good at getting rid and re-stocking socks for some reason. I rarely wear stockings, but may add a sheer black pair of hose as a 'just in case' item. Got rid of some old leggings that never really very well. Plenty for two laundry cycles.
  6. Underthings - Cleared out a few bits that were uncomfortable. A few things are in decent shape but starting to fade, so I'll keep a close eye on them as they are laundered, and replace as needed. Plenty for two laundry cycles.
Mission accomplished! Happy Friday all! xx

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