Angie, we've been in this rv since the end of June, 2010. It was supposed to be temporary, while we looked for land to build a house. Then DH Sunshine &I realized that we didnt need a ton of space & if we stay in the RV we can "work less & hunt more" (his words LOL). However, his oldest & dearest friend got it in his head we should start an intentional community, so here we are building a house. We're building small, and mostly paying cash for it all (a few things have gone on credit cards). I figured everybody could tell by the kitchen&living room in the background of pics taken in the full length mirror, but I guess since this is a fashion & style forum, nobody was noticing the background

Geez, even your reject shoes seem to have a very cohesive style. That is impressive. Even if you're shopping more than you'd like to, it appears that you're doing it with a lot of self-knowledge. Nothing to add, but I chew through shoes too, and have a hard time determining when beat-up is too beat-up, so I can commiserate. RATE is a slippery slope!

I think you talk about your RV as much as I talk about the climate here being too warm for me

Cindy I've not been on the forum much for 2-3 days due to busyness and choosing to read a novel before sleep instead of the forum. I'd just like to say thanks for your honesty and you are not the only one that became addicted to shopping to fill an empty hole. In my case I lost my religion which had been a major part of my life for 47 years. I don't want it back: it has been 9 years since. But I used to joke I had replaced God with shoes and there is some truth to that joke. So thank you again, I think I get it.

Jenni, I think you get it too.