Somewhere along the way, I missed noticing that I have become a veteran member here, which is insanely exciting for me because I actually like it here. This is one of the really good places on the Internet and I'm grateful for it.

I've just had the most ridiculous thing happen to me, and it has led me to a place where I probably need to look at myself and my habits of late; I'll probably have to involve my a.a. sponsor for the self-examination part; I'll be using this forum to try and figure out where I want to go with my style and figure out why garments do or don't work.

As for the ridiculous thing that happened, well... I was getting ready to get in the shower and opened the closet to put away my shoes I was wearing, and there was no space for the shoes. There I was halfway undressed and I had a serious organization project slapping me in the face. Living in an RV does have its drawbacks: lack of proper storage, having to take over the linen closet in the bathroom as shoe & dirty laundry storage, and a general lack of space to actually función as an adult. Today I found myself walking in tiny circles in my living room, scratching my head with one of those wonderful scalp massagers. I think the stress of building a house (and living in flux) has finally snapped something in my brain.

As I dug through the shoes, I made some decisions: I would store the summer shoes with all of my stuff I've been buying for the house, and I would follow Angie's lead and catalogue all of my wardrobe and shoes and accessories in my finds.

All of that to say this:
I have no idea how much of the shoe problem is just a small space/organization problem; nor do I have any clue how much of it is a spiritual problem arising from my alcoholism that is making me shop as a substitute for the mood&mind altering substances that I gave up 12 years ago.

That's a heavy bunch of baggage to dump here, which is why I'll be digging into some of it with my a.a. sponsor. I apologize for dumping something so weighty on a bunch of strangers on the internet, but this is a place where I feel safe and welcome and supported and y'all are so good at helping with wardrobe & style analyses that I'll be throwing style related stuff at you as I weed through all of the shoes and clothing and make sure all of it makes the grade to actually be moved to the new house when it's completed.

I'll start with the kiwi berry box full of summer shoes, because that's what's currently in the middle of the only real floor space an RV has-the microscopic kitchen area.

Do I really need two pairs of sparkly thong sandals? Do I really need two pairs of breezy lace up shoes in tan? (At least the sparkly sandals are different colors, but two pairs of Tan lace up flats?) If I were forced to choose just one, the weirder ones would win hands down.

Are the slip-on sneakers toast for regular wear? Do they need to be regulated to work only (produce stand, lots of gooey sticky stuff like spilled blackberries and such in summer). I think the Sperry ones could benefit from a good cleaning & might be OK for general wear but I'm not sure.

I totally ruined my UnaUna flats wearing them to work, so some of these shoes were bought with that in mind. Not expensive, cute, won't break my heart if work chews them up like when the UnaUna shoes were destroyed.

Then there are the nice shoes, the ones i would never wear to work. They're so comfortable, and i really love them; but is it time to retire the Vic Matie shoes or could a shoe guy save them?

TL/DR: help me decide if these shoes need to go away because I'm overwhelmed and can't make decisions like this alone right now. It's so overwhelming that I'll be doing it in small does, capsules of a sort. Please help me decide the fate of these shoes

Thank you for reading, thank you for being a safe place, and thank you for being a very valuable resource for all things fashion and style. All advice and comments are appreciated

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