I'm looking at boots, booties, and shooties today. Boots are generally workhorses for me. I've always loved boots, and am still kicking myself in the arse for letting Becky talk me into getting rid of my combat boots, my cowboy boots, and my ariat competition series ropers because they all would have been heavy hitters for my life as it is today.

I don't think I'm having as much trouble with boots as I was with those "summer only" shoes earlier this week; however, it never hurts to get objective opinions. Do any of them need to go?

* stiletto booties. These don't get worn often because high heels are just not practical for me. I'm ok with the higher cost per wear associated with the rare use. When I do want to wear them, I feel invincible and bad ass and empowered. They also just look nice on display (and I will have a closet capable of displaying them soon).
* my slouch boots. Christmas gift from DH a few years ago. These mostly get used during cooler (not cold) months, and mostly just for lounging around the house. They're starting to look beat, but they hardly ever leave the property so I think it's ok to keep them?
* the two piece ankle booties were an experiment, and they're the ones I'm most unsure about. I like the 2 piece bootie look, and I like the fraying on these. I recently got a pair of light brown Chelsea boots of higher quality that just might replace these. These strike me as more of a summer bootie anyway, maybe because of the perforations. I don't know if I want to keep them or not.
* black ankle boots. These could use a good cleaning and especially a good polishing, as they are looking a little tired on the surface. I wear them occasionally because I like how easy it is to tuck them up inside skinny jeans to keep that elongated leg line. I really really like them, but I'm not emotionally attached to them, so if y'alls consensus is that they need to go I'm ok with that.
* harness boots? Total workhorses. When they have to be replaced, I'll definitely be looking for the same style just perhaps with a taller shaft. These get worn to work a lot, so they definitely need a good cleaning and polishing, but are otherwise in decent shape. The picture in the find is a stock photo, mine are nowhere near that pristine LOL
* tactical boots are not going anywhere until they fall apart. Period end of sentence there will be no further discussion on this matter These and the Chippewa boots are the backbone of my weekends during fall and winter. They're so comfortable (which says a LOT since I have high arches and these are flat), they're well made and stand up to the abuse, and if I'd just clean and polish them they would be consider to be in really food shape.
* next up, Chelsea boots. These are leather, and I really like the higher shaft on them. We just had a discussion about higher shaft ankle booties a couple months ago, and these will be practical for my life so when yoox sent me a "we miss you code for a discount & free express shipping I decided I missed too too LOL. I like how they make my feet look less wide, if that makes sense.
* the tall black boots see quite a bit of wear on my not-work days. They're in really good shape once I wipe the dust off of them that they collected over the summer LOL
* rain boots. We're in drought conditions right now, so they have yet to be worn. When it does rain, they'll come in handy for sure.
* the coolways aren't actually part of my boot collection until after santa brings them but they're for casual days when I want my fit to be dystopian
* the knee high army green ones are looking a little tired on the surface but they're not going anywhere because they are workhorses and comfortable. They are "snake boots because the shaft is Kevlar or something, and if I'm headed into snakey brush any time of year these are the default regardless of foot sweat. They were gifted to me for work boots, so they stay. They just don't get worn in public as dress boots anymore, although they get worn to my job.
* lastly, my YEP shooties. Found at a consignment for $8, all they needed was heel caps. These aren't as outrageously inappropriate for my lifestyle as the edmundo Castillo ones, and they're quite comfortable. Even if I never wore them, for $8 I can look at them and smile when I walk in my closet LOL

As always, your advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Dummy check me and tell me what needs to go, if any; I'll love you forever for it