For El Cee's challenge thread, I chose wardrobe planning. I've never been one to shop with a list. It seems like the next logical evolution of the 5 piece. The pieces are in finds below.
First, the summer wardrobe eval. Mostly, I did really well.
1 vest
1 light jacket
9 summer tops- yikes, very un 5 piece, most were inexpensive, some thrift
1 knit
1 sweatshirt
3 bottoms
1 shoe
2 boot
not included is gear that is used primarily for workout, I think of it as the uniform of my physical activities and just buy as needed.
My clothes are getting a good number of wears so far this year so I believe I'm close to the right for me wardrobe size, which is about 160 pieces.
A bigger than usual purge of summer tops last year led to more buying in this category.
I didn't use a budget this year, and my spending has been a little high. So going forward, I'm going back to using one.

The fall trends I'm most interested in are
waist def
high fashion puffer

the maybees
cropped pants
plaid coat
sharp shoulders

I have
extended sleeves
navy military
platform shoes

my specific wish list is
tailored top with sleeve detail to wear with my vests
maximal pants that tuck into boots
warm upscale coat
sweater in nonclassic style

Thank you for reading this far, all feedback and suggestions are welcome.