Thanks all. I had forgotten how rich the wisdom is here, and how generous you all are sharing it.

Diana, thanks for the link to the shearling insoles - that is helpful!
LaPed: yes, Yaktrax are a must for me! But I kind of hate how they feel and sound, so I only wear them when the ice is really bad.
Lisa: I hear you on the winter footwear categories. I've realized (yet again?) that once it's cold, I wear only two things outside: snow boots or this other thing - like the fleecey Cons. I really have to start wearing my leather booties in August next year so that I get a few months out of them! And I have to remember NOT TO BUY ANY MORE!
Chris: THANK YOU for posting those Eccos! And Lisap, thank you for echoing (pun intended) the recommendation! I may well try them - even though they don't seem to have a real temperature rating. I just have to choose the color.