I have never felt less interested in retail stores in a mall in my life. Even Macys for all its departments had very little of any interest at all.

Color wise, there are still lots of earth tones, dull pinks, and muddy colors here, which don’t call to me. I saw a smattering of jewel tones, including a couple in H&M, and a pretty color section in Zara. Those were nice to see, but a lot of the fabrics feel cheap and plasticy to me, which turned me off quickly. There was one thing I liked: a 100% cotton teal-green roomy poplin long-sleeved shirt at H&M that can be a nice transitioning-to-fall piece. I picked that up because it’s a color and cut that works for my life and style.

Styles on display were mostly still stuck in the realm of shredded denim, cropped and skimpy tops, and either shapeless oversized or bodycon items — all I suppose are much more appealing to the young trend-chasers even though it all looked very tired to me.

On the other end of the style spectrum, it looks like Soft Surroundings is having a big sale in preparation to move out, and they’re not my jam either. WH/BM is always kind of the same — “work wear” that is not of use to me and doesn’t speak to me stylewise. A smattering of cherry colored items in there amongst the black and white. Talbots is still there but holds next to zero interest for me. Lululemon and TNF were easy to pass by because I’m fully stocked on gear at the moment.

Williams Sonoma (my destination) is closing and moving to a nearby location in September. Their new location will be near the closest Anthro, which I also cruised through just out of curiosity. Again, not much appealing to me. Some cute wide-leg jeans, but I already have a similar pair. A nearby boutique had a cute polo-collar black and white striped sweater, but I wasn’t feeling a sweater try-on in 88 degree weather and I think I’m fully stocked on sweaters anyway.

Barring some unforeseen need or influx of new and exciting styles, it’s looking like a shop my closet fall for me. That’s ok, I have plenty, including my new marble print jacket which I am DYING for cool weather to wear!

Am I just super jaded, or is it like this everywhere?