Background: I have a 9 year old pair of creamy colored Frye Veronica Slouch boots (shown in a recent WIW) that are beautiful, high quality, extremely comfortable and walkable, and which to this day garner me many compliments. I also have a $50 off discount code from Frye. Angie's recent posts on a.) chocolate brown and b.) tall boots made me wonder if I wanted to use my discount for tall dark brown boots which I currently do not own.

I went on the Frye site and the Veronica Slouch boots are currently on sale--even better! The dark brown are nice (pic 2). But I was immediately drawn to the camel (pic 1). Frye also make a gorgeous unusual gray (pic 3) which is really in between brown and gray that I love and that I think is very versatile. For reference, these boots are also currently available in black, "whiskey", and dark red. I already own black and cognac-y tall boots and while 15 years ago I would have gone for the dark red in a heartbeat, I seem to be over red shoes completely at the moment.

So! I would just go ahead and buy the camel boots as they are, as I said, the ones that made me go "wow..." BUT I am also currently super enamored with my blush puffy vest (pic 4) which I can't wear with camel boots. OTOH, puffy vest season in Boston is relatively short while winter coat season is interminably long and my winter coats are black and olive. Weigh in here, please? Camel boots because I love them best even though they don't go with all my outerwear? Dark brown boots because they go with all my outerwear and are also of the moment? Gray-brown boots because they go with all my outerwear and are so unusual, and also may be a color that eventually Frye stops making (like my creamy color) so I should buy them while I can?

I am so undecided but I'd like to buy while they're on sale and I have the discount code so...

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