I’ve been casually looking for new sandals although I won’t start wearing them until June. What do folks think of this style?

They are fairly classic I think, but the cork “fabric” gives them a fresh look to my eye. I am looking at the gold/tan, my usual metallic choice. It's quite pretty on the foot, and extremely comfortable with adjustable straps everywhere. I’m thinking of them as a casual (but not sporty) sandal that would look good with light colored denim, white, olive, navy ...and pants/shorts/crops as well as dresses. My lifestyle is quite casual. I’m surprised how much I like the gold medallions. There are other colors but the gold medallions are higher contrast on those other colors and I don’t like them as much.

I’ve tried on this brand before and the quality seems pretty good although I’ve never owned any. My first attempt was a little too big and I'm hoping the ½ size down I have ordered will be better

What do others think of them? What sort of a style vibe do they seem like to you? Have you had success with this brand?

Thanks for any and all comments!

UPDATE: I sized down 1/2 size and the new ones fit quite well. However, the arch is a bit too high and my feet feel like they are being "tipped outward" after wearing them around the house for a bit which feels very strange and puts stress on my ankles. I'm really picky about this sort of fit issue, so back they go. NEXT.

Vionic Farra
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