I picked up this flat today in the leopard print, which is not offered online at Nordstrom but was available in the store. This color does seems to be available online at Zappos. There are other colors too. Angie raved about this in her top pic find. The SA told me that this shoe has been selling out across all the stores and she was surprised they had a 6 1/2 for me to try. She said this as I was paying for it so it wasn't a sales pitch.

She also said it runs a little big. I wear mostly 7's these days so that seems to confirm it.

Very comfortable and pretty, and amazing arch support, as Angie's review says. It has some sort of orthotic insert I think. It also seems to stay on my low volume feet. Now for the wear-around-the-house-for-two-hours test ......

If you are interested it might be time to buy.