Serious coat envy!!! That is a fab find. You look beautiful!

Just wow. How incredibly special that coat is, and how fantastic you look in it. So fun to wake up to all this shared delight. I am especially tickled by the dramatic collar; I love those too.

Absolutely. Fabulous. (Said in Patsy's accent!!)

Good work, Suz! Tell us the title of your book, please.

Also, can you describe the white of the boots? I have a similar pair from Sole Bliss and the "white" is very very vanilla (strong yellow undertone).

Oh wow, that trench is gorgeous and I love it on you! What a fabulous find. Love the historical details too - so fun!

And that island looks like a beautiful place!

Oh Suz,You look fabulous hun and I love your trenchcoat,XXX

What a great find! It was kismet!

Suz, I will take you up on that offer of writing retreat info! Messaging you...

absolutely gorgeous! that coat is perfect for you. glad you kept the boots.

Kismet -- I love that word, Bella!

Thanks for all the kind words and the shared joy. It's US Thanksgiving, not Canadian, but I'm giving thanks to great vintage finds in fashion!

Robin, Bowen is indeed a pretty place -- it's only a 20 minute ferry ride from the mainland. But a bit of a trip for me to get to, since I had to leave one island by ferry and then take a long bus ride and then another ferry to get there.

April, my most recent book is Big Reader. You can follow the website link for more info if you wish. Thank you so much for asking. I'm working on new stuff now, of course.

The boots are a fairly true white, I'd say, verging on cool, or chalky, but not grey, and no yellow undertone. For me it is a perfect white.

Gorgeous photos--I can feel the serenity from here :)--but those white boots! And the new leather trench! Fantastic! I love, love, love a trench with a dramatic collar and that half-belt in the back (not sure what the technical name is) and it looks like it was made for you. What a delicious find! The white boots already look integral to your style.

Fabulous all round Suz! So good when a footwear purchase pays off both in terms of comfort AND style!!

OMG Suz, that jacket is so great on you! Lovely color and cut. And the boots are perfect for you. Great scores!

You have the BEST luck with thrifted outerwear!! What a fun find! Love the dramatic collar and the color is smashing with your eyes.

The white boots will be an instant workhorse, I bet!

Such gorgeous scenery, too.