Jlpp, you are right. Sometimes the oversized look can be cozy. Sadly, the stiffness of the denim doesn’t make this jacket feel all that cozy.

What happens if you roll up the sleeves? Maybe the shoulders “settle”? I think a part of the problem is that the sleeves are also a bit too long.

Oh, I love the paisley!

I'm wondering if it might be a bit of a project, if you're thinking of getting rid of it anyway. What about making it into a vest by removing the sleeves, and cropping it by removing the waistband? I'm including a Find for a jacket I got at Levi's in SF last year as a possible inspiration for cutting off the waistband, maybe even the collar. Perhaps it can work as a slightly boxy vest?

Thanks for the pics, Mainelady. It IS too big, but you could have the sleeves and side seams altered. I've done that with a 16 year old denim jacket. Successful.

Katerina, Janet and Angie thank you all for your suggestions, which might allow me to keep the jacket. Rolling the sleeves isn’t enough and the fabric with the paisley and little jewels is so thick it doesn’t roll nicely.

I do think I will take it to a talented seamstress we have worked with before to see what she suggests. Ideally, I would love to fix the old girl and make some new memories with her. IF altering her is an option, I do like the idea of making the jacket shorter, so it might work with my asymmetrical skirt.

I'm generally not a fan of embroidered denim but this one I would totally wear. Love!