Hi everyone,

After a relaxing Summer break, YLF Book Club is back for its second season. We're excited to start things up again with Vidal Sassoon The Movie. An insightful documentary about the legendary hair stylist who left an indelible mark on popular culture.

Before watching the documentary I of course knew who Vidal Sassoon was and what he stands for, but I didn't really know much about the person behind the legend, so I really enjoyed the interview scenes and background info. (e.g. I had no idea he did a lifestyle TV show with his second wife Beverly Adams.)

To me he came across as a modest, down-to-earth person, who grew up in difficult circumstances, decided to make the best of things, and with perseverance and creativity created a hugely successful business empire. I also loved his simple, stylish way of dressing - well-cut trousers and jackets, and often a stylish scarf - and even at age 81 he still had that cheeky glint in his eyes.

It was fantastic to witness how his two most iconic hairstyles, the wedge bob and the five point cut, came about. And boy, how I would loved to have been in Mia Farrow's place and have him style my pixie cut (I could have done without all the cameras though;-)

But over to you: What did you think of the documentary, and of Vidal Sassoon, the person, hair stylist, and business man extraordinaire?