LOVE your new shoes. The white ones are especially gorgeous - I think I might just "have" to look for something similar!

So happy for you!!! I remember when you said you never/rarely wore sandals due to cold feet, but those sandal booties look supportive and warm -- for sandals -- so I put the blush and biscuit ones on my Amazon Wish List, lol. I have a weakness for sandals, but since my feet run cold I rarely wear them I tend to overbuy.

Thanks, ladies. I’m looking at my new shoes with a big fat SMILE.

HAH, Jane. That’s what Greg says. I’m on Team Neat Feet. Thank you.

Wise words as always, Eliza.

Shevia, Sam will let you in. Come on over. Almond & polenta cake for tea.

Suz, that IS interesting. Fun that we can wear the same shoes. My feet are shrinking. Now I’m more of a Euro 36.5. The gold is very pewter, actually. You might want to give them a try.

April, you crack me up.

DonnaF, the sandal booties are very covered, which helps keep my feet warm. You’re dead right about that.

Congratulations, Angie! Your new shoes are FAB!!!! I love the retro flair of the white slingback. My foot issues are very similar except I have the advantage of size 8 or 8.5, so at least my size is almost always in stock. I have finally realized I just can't wear shoes that have straps on top of the foot--there's always a ridiculous gap! Those gladiators you found are fab and appear to fit well...maybe you should get a backup pair?

Dana, can I bottle your positive energy in a jar? You're always delightful. Actually, if you can ADJUST the top strap, you can wear that shoe, or order it in a narrow. That's my trick for low volume feet. I'm thinking of duplicating the white - Modern Retro FTW.

I love you in those gladiator sandals, and the whole collection looks great for this leg of your style journey. I'm finding the shoe-hunt really easy this season, which is great because I have quite a few worn-out pairs to replace.

The white shoes really look like you - so ladylike. I'm getting polish in April too. My luck, it'll be snowing.

Jenn, those trendy low block heels have been a blessing. Great that you're replenishing your shoe capsule with ease.

JAileen, thank you - and what "polish" are you getting in April?

This is a great post, Angie, and so inspiring. I keep holding on to some heels that are becoming less and less possible for me - and I am not sure why. I think I might just need to bite the bullet and let them go and update my shoe collection with stylish shoes I can actually wear. My feet are not quite as fussy as yours but they have a clear window of comfort and I don't know who i think I am kidding with the skinny heels still on my shelf. I'm not sure I would EVER choose them. Thanks for the inspiration (once again).

I'm smitten with those white pumps...pointed toe, low heel just so fab...they would be mine except that I'n not a sling back person, for some reason the skinny sling backs just don't work for me.....but as you say, I will enjoy them thru you!

Yay to checking off shoe shopping from your spring and summer wardrobe to do list. And lovely new footwear. I can sympathize with shoe shopping troubles and fussy feet issues. Remember my foot surgery? It is indeed very frustrating to try on pair after pair after pair of shoes that just don't work. And sometimes go the entire season and finding NOTHING that works out. These just came in the mail yesterday and I yelped when I tried them on, I was that happy that these sandals work. I don't see a lot of my toes, the footbed is super comfy, the platform isn't too high for me, and they are velcro straps! No fussy buckles to mess with. I'm planning on mentioning these on my blog when I finish updating my summer wardrobe capsule because they are definitely going to be part of my refresh for this year. It is so nice when the shoe hunt is successful.

So glad you found shoes that work for you. Too funny, but total deja vu as I have both those saved in my favorites on Zappos! I am currently looking for white shoes to replace my very old white summer work shoes.

Angie, I'm having my first pedicure of the season in April. I'll pick a color that strikes my fancy that day. So who knows..

OOOOH, a manicure, Janet. Got it. I'll be going in April too. High five.

Viv, go review that footwear, and share the results.

Lisa, I REMEMBER your foot surgeries soooo clearly. You were a great sport. Super cute sandals too. Thrilled that they worked.

Thanks, kkards. The sling back works well here because of the TOP strap on the shoe. Genius design.

OOOOOOOHHHH, love them both.

And Tanya, LOVE what you posted, too.

Love the sling backs!
Block heels and sling backs are the definition of heaven.

These are gorgeous, Angie! I'm glad you found them!

Do I get to say Killer? KILLER! Stunningly good looking shoes!

Hey, awesome for you!!! Those look super freaking spiffy on you!

Wonderful choices, Angie! I find my feet have grown just a touch wider recently, and I've had to learn to be careful of shoe lasts that are just plain too narrow, and of upper materials that are just too stiff. There is a shoe for everyone!

I love your new shoes. Enjoy them!

Such great shoes, and how nice to have found what works so early in the season. I love the gladiators and might get a pair of those for myself since they come in narrow sizes. I keep looking for penny loafers in a narrow size, but I haven't found any yet that fit my fussy feet.

I like the color of your shoe choices. I love white for some reason.