I just bought these to take Yorkie Sam walking in, in milder weather. They are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. They have arch support and have as much cushioning as one can hope for in a shoe. The inner is made of soft jersey knit so your feet feel like they are wrapped in the comfiest of pajamas. The outside is made of a high-tech gauze. They are light as a feather, and very easy to clean. I love the shorter laces too.

They don't look all that inspiring in the photo, but they are super cute on the foot. I pop them on with whatever I'm wearing that day and take Sam for a walk (swapping them out with what I had on my feet). They look good with everything. This is 2016.

The colour is brighter than the pic on the Clarks UK site, but not as bright as the pic on the Clarks US site.


Comes in many colours. I went for the orange.

Sillian Tino
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