I've had Vince Camuto's ruched tube midi-skirt in my Nordie's cart on-and-off for ages. Y'all look amazing in it (ahem, Lisa and Shannon) and I know tons of other YLFers have it, too. (It may be one of the 'blockbusters' that are 'replenished,' as reported by WSJ and posted by someone earlier this week.) BUT-- I know Angie's rule is: don't buy a skirt unless you know what top you'll wear with it. I REALLY want the skirt, but I just bought a cute A-line skirt that I can't figure out how to wear and I don't want a repeat of that. But I want to look as amazing as Lisa and Shannon and I really want that VC skirt.

SO: can y'all help out with some additional ways to wear the skirt, without a long-sleeve topper? (It's HOT here in Texas now and I can't wear long sleeves.) I could just wait until this fall, but if I could get the right top, I'd love to have a wearable skirt for the summer.

Finds/links greatly appreciated but any general advice on (1) how YOU wear the skirt and (2) what silhouettes do/don't work with it would be super.

Also, if I do buy it, which pattern is the most versatile? I like the mini stripes, but maybe all black is better? Is one of the B&W prints more flattering?