So, I'm going a real honest-to-God vacation, as in long plane flight, passport needed, different climate, etc.
I'm going to Cuba in early January for a week, with a few days in Miami and South Florida afterwards. I leave January 5th, so yeah no time left.
The Cuba trip is an organized tour. It a tour with my singles activity group, but it'll be about 20 people, and only two guys. :/
I'm bringing my camera gear of course. And I still quite haven't decided what bag for that. I visited a local camera store and they recommended a sling style.
But the big thing is the clothes and shoes. I haven't tried on all my summer gear. I pretty sure a good chunk of it doesn't fit (pun intended?). I've been looking at resort collections, but it's still too early it seems. I'm hoping right after Christmas there will be some stuff.
I need shorts, shirts (fancy t-shirts?), a sun dress of some sort. Some gear as we're going in the mountains one day and I want to see the Everglades back in Florida. Given it seems we're traveling each day, I can't plan on laundry at all.
I have a light rain jacket that should be good. Also have a swimsuit. A sunhat, though I really want the blue version of this hat.
some other stuff I'm considering
Any suggestions and resources appreciated