It’s that time of year when I’ll be trying to add a bit of modern edge to my summer uniforms. Our summers are hot and muggy and layering in summer outfits is just not a real option for my life.

If I were going to add a trend-forward pair of sandals to my closet for this summer, what kind of style should it be? To be honest, I haven’t even looked at anything in retail yet. Just getting an idea of what’s new. If nothing is looking particularly groundbreaking, or terribly different from my additions of the past two years, I may not add anything, since I am trying to buy less and enjoy what I have more. This spring season has left me totally cold on clothes shopping — I’m not crazy about any of the styles I’m seeing so far. But I’m curious to see if there is anything inspiring out there in terms of footwear. Any hot takes on what’s new?

Finds below are a pretty fair representation of my current summer footwear collection. I end up wearing sandals more than sneakers.