We called last night to wish him happy birthday. He was happy to hear from us, but said they were about to get the dinner they’d ordered at “The Club”. I knew they were planning to travel to Florida soon—Mom said to send his present to arrive there on or after Oct 21. So I figured they had just traveled that morning, and had decided to eat out instead of shopping and cooking. He didn’t disagree, said yes, it’s nice in Florida. Then Mom corrected him. They hadn’t left yet. My sister & her family who had come to celebrate with him on Sat were still there, and they were all having dinner at my parents' country club 1800 or so miles from their Florida club. My other sister made a photo album for him. As he paged through it, I’m told he asked where the pool pictures were taken—in their pool at their home, right outside the window he could see from where they were sitting.

My son is now thinking about his own final days, wondering what the best way to go is.

Needless to say, we are in a somber mood today.