(In the spirit of keeping posting during difficult times)

This year my goal was to develop a better work capsule. As per the thread below.


Thanks to you all - I did listen and got some great ideas.

Well I have been shopping..... In February I added

  • Black wide leg pants (Witchery)
  • Rust knit top (Veronika Maine)
  • Black knit top (Veronika Maine)

In March I have added
  • Nude oxfords (the tassles are removable) - BeauCoops
  • Blush merino knit (yet to arrive) (Emerge - Ezibuy)

So my capsule will consist of

  • one bag (black/camel)
  • three shoe options (one heel, one ankle boots, one loafer)
  • one coat (camel trench)
  • two blazers (one gap still)
  • one sheath dress (needs cardigan or jacket to be work appropriate)
  • Two long sleeve knit options (cardigan and sweater)
  • one short sleeve knit (rust top)
  • two black sleeveless options
  • three pairs of pants (two black, one white/black pattern)
  • two scarves (black/blush/yellow and the pleated black/blush/rust)

The duck egg blazer does not go with all the other options but it does go with enough.

So I now think I am almost there.

I do want a new blazer that will work over the blush merino knit and the rust knit, ideally a check or some sort of pattern.

I considered upgrading my coat but at this stage I am holding off doing so.

And I think I will stop there because I do have options at a more casual level which is most of my work days. More dressy days is only two-three a month. But many of these pieces mix in with other pieces for more casual looks (eg denim, my white camisole, etc).

I have also added two more essentials which are yet to arrive - a basic cardigan for working at home/layering and a striped black and white tee to replace one that has become a sleep tee.

Aside from the blazer I will be putting a hold to shopping for a while as I I have added a lot so far this year.

I do hope to do a try on over the next week to work out some good combinations and have in my mind.

Thanks for the help in getting to this point.