At the beginning of the S/S I had posted a list of items I wanted to add for the season and also for the year . As we approach shopping for a new season, I thought it prudent to review the process and outcomes.

For S/S I had 18 clothing items and 4 shoes on my list:

  • 2 new work tops
  • 2 flowy tees
  • 2 flowy tanks
  • 1 slim tee
  • 4 tanks to be used as camis
  • rock tee
  • jean jacket
  • knit skirt
  • knit dress
  • jean shorts
  • straight leg jeans
  • BF jeans
  • sneakers
  • work flats
  • sandals
  • flip flops

Off of the original list I purchased:

  • jean shorts
  • jean jacket
  • straight leg jeans (last week)
  • 1 work blouse (last week)
  • 1 flowy tee
  • 4 tanks for use as camis
  • knit skirt
  • 5 plain crewneck tees (1 for use with skirt, 4 as emergency backup because of lack of suitable tops)
  • flip flops
  • jack purcell sneakers
  • grey sneakers
  • army jacket (which I had moved to my Fall list)

In the end, I was extremely pleased with the jean shorts, jean jacket, and army jacket. I hope I will be very happy with the jeans and the blouse I purchased at the end of the season and hope to wear through the transition into fall.

I struck out with BF jeans because what I really want is not available in options currently marketed as BF jeans. This fall I will continue the hunt for my pair, but if sizing up in straight legs, trying my last designer option, and trying mens' jeans fails I will give up until spring and then purchase an affordable cropped pair just for the warm season-- totally missed out on a comfortable work option.

I ended up buying an Old navy knit skirt because the one I wanted was no longer available in my size in the color I wanted. The old navy skirt was alright and got worn, but was a hard color and length to work with. I should have kept searching or picked black, but for $10 I feel I got my money worth wearing it to a BBQ, to work several times, and casually on multiple weekends.

It took me a while to warm up to the converse sneakers I bought, but think I finally broke them in and figured out how to wear them-- still not sure navy is the best color for me since all of my summer bottoms are also navy. Because it took me a while to break them in, I also purchased a pair of very comfortable but probably overpriced grey sneakers. Having 3 shoes in rotation for work wasn't enough to keep feet comfy-- hopefully I will continue to wear these new sneaks in some fashion. I settled for a pair of casual flips in a light color, which served me
well and are in good condition-- they will see another year as casual wear if the dirt comes out when I try to wash them soon.

I did not find a knit dress and didn't wear any of my summer dresses that went un-purged--- the low necklines and lack of suitable footwear killed them, but I am ready to pass on my remaining 2 dresses. Footwear was a hard one, as I initially was searching for sandals, didn't find my pair (but spend lots of time looking and had money tied up in online orders for months) and then in early August my organization changed the dress code which no longer allows them. I should have just purchased flats!

Tops were the other big mess. I spent May and June ordering and returning tops and couldn't find things I was happy with-- by this time the GAP had sold out of my favorite tees. It became clear that my office gets very hot when it is sunny out and I sweated to death in the button downs I thought I would wear to work. So, on a last minute trip I picked up some cheap tees to get me through the hottest weather. Then my organization changed the dress code. The tees got me through summer and will be worn at home and as layering pieces but won't carry on to next summer-- but I won't complain about relief from the heat for $30 dollars or so.

Overall, what I learned:

  1. I need to shop early and leave no stone unturned. Shopping online is rough with returns and a budget, but I need to be persistent and keep trying even as I see my bank balance dropping--- it will surge back upwards once I am credited! Hesitation was the death of me.
  2. A variety of bottom options is highly desired. However, I need to find shoes to go with-- the pairing is crucial to wearing everything and my comfort.
  3. Accessories are important-- as part of the new dress code I've been told that certain items will be allowed if they are dressed up with accessories, so a watch, scarves, belts, and jewelry appropriate for work are all on my fall list.
  4. Work tops are a weak point--- I'm only comfortable with certain necklines at work, and need either light mesh or linen over a tank, or something light weight that I can guarantee won't show too much at the neck or gap in the chest in the summer. Likewise, for winter I anticipate making good use of my jackets over my L/S tees, or needing to find tops that keep me warm and covered or that I could also pair with L/S tees.

Next summer I anticipate buying at least 2 pair of work flats, possibly a pair of pants, a replacement skirt (shorter length, maybe different silhouette, pattern or color), and at least 3 new work tops, plus tanks and tees for off duty.

For updates to my fall plan, I will start another post.