I purchased one new pair of slacks in navy for work. I also purchased two Uniqlo HeatTech tee shirts (navy) and a lightweight jacket (also navy) for my upcoming vacation.

I was curious as to whether I would immediately resort to the old habits I was trying to re-program during the purchasing fast. The dam did not break and I did not go to Nordstroms and buy out the entire store. I am deeply satisfied with my new slacks. I am actually pretty happy with the tee shirts/jacket as well.

I am shopping but right now I don't feel the need to actually purchase anything until I am certain it fits into my summer plan. I know I need tops. I am collecting them in finds and carefully considering how they would fit into my wardrobe. I like the ones below.

Before I buy them, I will ask myself the following questions:
  Can I wear this tomorrow?
  Do I need to purchase coordinating pieces?
  What exactly will I wear them with then?
  Can a reasonable cost/wear be achieved?
  If I buy this, will I still be looking for this type of item?

These five questions should serve me well.