Beautiful hair, beautiful dress and beautiful you sweet Angie.

Ooh, as a sometime dark blonde or bronde (but not naturally so!), I do like the new colour.

The softer, longer look is lovely and YLF!

Looks awesome! Perfect for a dog walk. Are your pups calm walkers? Mine is still all over the place in huge gangly puppy style. Every time he sees another dog it’s off to the races

When I can’t be bothered with salon color, I sometimes use “sun-in” type sprays…. Blonding sprays from Sun Bum or John Frieda. They work just fine to liven up my duller dark blonde.

You look beautiful and fresh

You are beautiful and chic with your gorgeous wheat colored hair. (I just made that up not sure if it is accurate!) You look healthy and glowing from head to toe!

Fab! I hate that growing out pain, but it’s so worth it on the good hair days and than when you finally reach the stage your at.

Angie - you look gorgeous as always!! Agree with Greg your natural color is divine!! Men and hair color husband much prefers my natural color. He thinks the silver adds highlights and he is very vocal about not wanting me to color it again, which works as I am trying hard to strip unnecessary chemicals from out environment. So all good. Wonderful outfit, cool but crisp and very elegant. BTW I do think your hair is plenty long for the drybar single shot, although if you were thinking of doing a chop the 1/2 shot might be the better choice. The revlon brush is bigger and even the updated one is supposedly much hotter. The drybar has a lot of flex on temp. Although fine hair should dry lowest, I found the medium heat and power better. I'll be playing with this for weeks trying to get the settings and technique down. But your hair looks fab however you manage it. Looks really great!

It’s no surprise that you still look gorgeous even in very hot weather and growing out your hair! I had to laugh at the colour issue, my DH likes my hair blonde, with the lighter and longer the better.

OMG, love the new natural waves in your hair Angie-how long will be your end goal? The dress is also fab on you!

Your hair is looking so cute!

Your hair looks great, and Team Sandals FTW

You look fab! Love the sandals and the hair grow-out. It seemed to take forever when I was growing out my gray hair. But when I was coloring the growth seemed very quick - haha!

Thanks, everyone!

Bonnie and Mirjana, always kind, positive and gracious.

Nadya, I know exactly what you mean. When I had a pixie, it would feel long at 5 weeks post cut!

Brooklyn, you’re naturally auburn, I think? You have a similar complexion to my late Mum. She had very blue eyes, so she liked to wear murky blues. Your eyes are green or brown, if I recall correctly?

Jessikams, Sam and Jo are very good on their leads and walking. They’ve been trained. Maybe get a doggie trainer to help out? Thanks for the blonding spray tip!

Veruca, sweet of you.

Jaime, I eat gluten so wheat is fab! Creative.

Kkards, soooo worth it … that I’m on the other side of it!

Gryffin, thanks for the info! I’m mulling it over. I LOVE your salt and pepper hair with your black-white-grey wardrobe. Complementary.

Bijou, we have to throw our husbands a bone, every so often

Lyn67, a few more inches to chin length, and you’re lovely!

Khris, good to know!

Suntiger, sandals just for you….

RobinF, HAH! Your grow-out is inspirational and love your new silver locks are divine.

Wow, I love it al! I want the dress too!

Love your hair and “our” sandals. I wore mine today. I hear you on the heat. Hoping for rain.

Jules, thanks for the kind words and giggle

Debbie, waving at my sandal twin! And hope TX cools down...

Of course it's hot in Seattle... YOU'RE there !

oh, Cee. Thanks for the giggle

Hope you are well, and lovely to see you chime in.

The growing out is one reason lve never risked very short hair!You are doing well keeping the scissors away and l am very struck by how much more you look like your mother now your hair is longer.Very pretty.

Cardiff Girl, you are right! I see more of my Mama in the mirror too.

I haven't been on here in ages so your hair looks brand new to me. I think it looks great on you - both length and color! I should post a pic - I grew my hair out and added green highlights. Sorry about the heat and no A/C. The sandals are really cute with the dress.

I survived the flu, but as it turned out it was more upset it had ME !

Cee, hang in there, and feel fighting fit soon!

Oh yes, you can definitely see the style emerging in your new lengths and congratulate you on your patience.

I'm also going through a natural style phase but have started using Shrine drops occasionally to mix things up, it's basically like food colouring for hair and you add it to your usual conditioner.

Fun, Jules! What colour drops are you using?

I've used the ash blonde which created lovely shine and I'm tempted by the white too.

Good to know! Which colour do you suggest I try?

The caramel or champagne perhaps?

This is a fabulous summer look!

Jules, I'm on it.

Deb! GREAT to see you chime in. Thank you