Hi All

I am putting summer items into storage and starting to wear autumnal weight pieces at the moment.  Temperatures are great for jeans and a light jacket, or a light sweater - in a month or six weeks I will be needing more layers.

At the start of summer I posted the following items that I had purchased.  Here is how they went.

  1. Tan flat sandals - worn regularly, a great addition. (essential)
  2. Flared jeans -  several wears to date, and perfect weather for them now (not sure if essential or statement or completer - just a change)
  3. Straight leg jeans - already a workhorse (essential)
  4. Orange sleeved 70s dress with side splits - two wears in total, again perfect for autumn- I need to find an occasion!! (statement)
  5. Teal green midi dress - lots of wear and may wear again layered over the next six weeks (statement)
  6. Yellow floral tee - only lightly worn.  A bit more difficult to style than I thought as it needs high waisted shorts or pants.  I suspect three -four wears in total.(statement)
  7. Cream layered blouse - several wears for work (essential)
I intended to buy the following:

  1. Long sleeve cotton or linen top to wear during the day in the sun (added two, one now worn out, and one work significantly less as it was a little too thick and hot - a lesson here - these are essentials)
  2. Black tank - added a tee instead, a real workhorse (essential)
  3. Lghtweight jacket or cardigan - added a kimono, worn regularly (statement)
  4. New sunglasses  - added Rayban Aviators (essential)
  5. Pair of summer shoes (I am yet to decide exactly what) - ended up with pewter slides - thrashed these!! (essential)
  6. Full midi skirt - did not purchase
I did also add:

  1. Striped knit dress (workhorse and essential) 
  2. Blue woven top with red flowers (worn regularly - probably a completer).
So 15 items were added - one minor regret, one worn out.  My cheapest items were the cream top (thrifted for $8) and the tan sandals ($18 on final sale).  The most expensive were the jeans for $250 and maybe the sunglasses ( a gift so I am not exactly sure of the cost).  

For winter I had a little shopping burst in late February and early March and I have added four key pieces so far:

  1. Ink blue ankle boots (not worn yet) (maybe a completer)
  2. Caramel and gold sweater (two wears) (completer)
  3. Pale duck egg blazer (one wear) (completer)
  4. Black lace dress for wedding (yet to wear) (statement)
I am planning to buy:

  1. Midi dress or skirt or culottes that work with brown suede boots (statement)
  2. Scarf with navy in it (completer)
  3. Merino or similar hoodie/zip neck top for casual gear (essential)
  4. Gym leggings (gear and replacement
  5. Long cosy but smart cardigan for working at home and also heading out (essential and replacement)
  6. Handbag.
  7. ??
I have been aiming to add less than 20 pieces a year and I think that is probably unrealistic for me.  I want to be lean, careful and get a good number of wears from my purchases but I am not really a uniform dresser.  I am in wardrobe maintenance rather than wardrobe building so I need to reconcile this.  I don't want to spend too much money on clothing as I want to spend more on travel, experiences and my sons are not cheap right now.  So I do feel a bit conflicted.

I am planning to try a few new trends in store and see how they look - paperbag waists (think won't work) and lilac (skeptical but loving the looks others have shown).  

My other goal is to try and get my wardrobe into finds.  Given that most of my additions are not US companies I should do custom finds and must hunt up the post showing me how to do this!!

Your input is always appreciated.  This post helps me keep on track and not falling down the statement top rabbit hole that I seem to fall down regularly.