I just finished moving to a new apartment and I'm way behind on re-tabulating my monthly budget. My rent is a lot less, which makes me want to blow all of the savings on new clothes, but looking at my other categories, I need to pay more attention to debt and savings.

Do any of you have a set percentage of your budget earmarked for clothing? The template I used for my budget (young single professional) allocates 5% of my take-home pay, but that seems like so very little to me, and I end up donating money from my personal/luxuries category to clothing. And of course there is overlap, so it's hard to just decide on a number and stay thrifty.

I'm in the middle of purging my wardrobe and still need to determine what gaps I have. But there are so many wonderful sales going on now that I want to get some things I know I need. If any of you have changed your budget after establishing a good wardrobe foundation, I'd be interested to hear about that too.