I quite like the python skirt with the colour coordinated hoodie, and the US models are gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing your outfit with us. Love the white booties best!

Love your outfit and they look like a great company! Kari always looks so beautiful in their pieces

Interesting to read about your time with US - I always love a good discussion with an owner about their business . I took a look at their website a few months ago but like Janet , the sizing confused me . I’ll have to take another look ! I love your working outfit here - perfect for this time of year !

Rachy, where have you been! Everything okay? YES to every word.

RunCarla, fabulous styling and choice of models for sure. Go Team White Footwear! Big high five to you.

Suntiger, agreed and thank you

Lisa P, thank you, yes and yes! You need to get used to US sizing. I've attached the range. 4XS = US00 - US0. I suspect the smallest sizes to be very fluid. I need to try them on and report back.

This makes my heart happy! And so fab that you and Sam (what a good boy!!) were welcomed like that.
The world could really use a lot more companies like US!

I’m officially camping, Angie! Just home for a couple of days before heading out again. I’ve realised I really do need a solar charger for my cell phone... I’m late to the Fall Fashion Report! Argh!

Angie - please do report back on your experience with sizing - especially the Curve Cardi in your size or close. I have been so tempted by the Curve Cardi, but not sure if about sizing, and the reviews on the US website said the arms ran long (if a Misses size says that, I'm in trouble). I was encouraged that one review said the length was short.

I just ordered this top from Nordstrom in a 2XS -- I'm curious to see whether it has any shape at all or is tent-like. I will report when I receive it. I love the color and the contrast cuff, and with a V neck!

I love the models in the US site. So progressive. I agree with Angie that it is becoming hard to watch shows that show models with one body type. Seattle sounds like a great city.
Your outfit is also fabulous. Sam is such a good listener.

Rachy, yes I just saw! Fun. Please get a solar charger. Like now.

Karen13, sure, I'll report back.

Janet, lovely top! Curious to hear how it fits.

Style Fan, thank you

Karen13 - now I need that cardigan- and I don't even like merino wool No stock left in regular sizes except the 10-12 equivalent , by the looks of it though .

I had to click through to that cardigan too -- and I don't even care for cardigans! That one has a nice vibe though. Yeah, too bad no other sizes are available.

I've admired Kari's picks from US and I love the diversity, both in models and in sizes.

Oh, that’s fantastic! I’ve been wanting to try some of their stuff for a while now, but like others have been confused by the sizing.

Yay! I’m glad that you finally were able to visit. Their staff is terrific.

Often items are restocked (though lately it seems like they have been turning over more frequently) so I would recommend getting on their wait list if something is out of stock in the size you want.

Janet, I have that top in the non-V neck, and it has some shape. It’s not clingy unless you size down, but gently curved. I’ll see if I maybe have a picture.

And Angie, I never thought to wear a gilet with that dress! Wow! I’ll have to try it.

A brand that really means it when they talk about "inclusive"! Can you imagine trying to take Sam into a fast fashion shop?

I love that Universal Standard is actually walking the walk. The diversity is beautiful