Until I wa 15, I lived in Saudi Arabia, on an American compound. We left in July 1982 and I have never been back. I have a special opportunity to return as a guest of my father's former company. I will be spending time not only in the American area but also taking trips around the country, to Madai'n Salih, a city carved of rock, the mountains, the beach, an oasis and the deep desert.

The dress code for most of the country will involve a black polyester cloak ("abaya") worn over conservative loose fitting clothing that covers shoulders, upper arms, tops that cover the hips, pants or skirts that are at least knee length. Let's say salwar khameez comes to mind, but I don't own one any more. Also, the weather will be hot!

Long flowy tops are not a part of my wardrobe, but probably what will need to be my mainstays. I am just starting to consider this issue, having been absorbed with visas, tickets,etc.

I thought you'd all be interested in this challenging trip. I will let you know how my travel capsule works out. And of course chime in with ideas, particularly for sourcing appropriate garments.

I already found an online abaya store...did not order yet.