I am a fan of Ines de la Fressange style even though she can’t serve as an“ body type” model for me! I guess that is kinda lemming- like but mainly I think it is that she is frequently photographed in pants , jackets and flats, which is my “ outside world “ style.
Anyway I was oblivious to both Uniqlo and to their IDLF collaborations until recently. I first visited Uniqlo on a trip to Boston a couple years ago and got a couple of their basic items.

I am trying the Uniqlo- IDLF “ twist pleat tops” in the navy print and solid navy. The print is subtle due to both the actual small print and the way the “ twist” disrupts it, and a change from solids and the twist adds interesting texture. It mixes well with quite a lot of things including my plaid blazer below- I swear that plaid pattern - mixes with everything!
The solid navy Is a great “ medium “ depth navy ( the print has a dark navy background ) but I’m not sure I need both , as fabric is a type of polyester. and I have no idea how it will launder and wear. The print fabric is very flat ( meaning not shiny), so almost seems like a rayon, whilst the navy has a bit of sheen.
I got one in 2 sizes, and the XS looks good from the front but is more fitted through the bust than I think I will wear, and doesn’t work as well with pants, so I would go with S for more relaxed look.
Also side note, the tops arrived twisted and tied in knots, which is how fabric care instructions recommend storing them!

Several IDLF items, mostly tops, sold out just a few days after launching, it seems.
I was interested in a navy tattersall ruffle neck top but it was gone in a flash. Just as well, now that I have done more “ color palette research “.