I had not planned on any white pants for work wardrobe both due to too much white-on-white and also, jeans not allowed and just hadn't thought to try. But the lure of summer called to me.
AT offered several types of white cotton-blend pants this year and I'd not been interested enough until just recently . Suddenly the idea of white "straight pants" seemed very appealing--I have that or similar in black, for summer and they work well worn basicallly full length with several types of loafers-- but they were already sold out --Pic #1.

Pic # 2 is a trouser style, wider, but I ordered it. Well, I really like it! It may have a very slightly bootcut vibe, I may measure to see, because it doesn't look so voluminous or schtumpy as I expected, though is mostly a trouser. It looks tailored, and is lined. I could see myself having fun with it for summer wear, making even gray tops look more summery than with black pants, as well as brights or prints, and work-appropriate.

The photos may look almost the same, but #2 is wider for sure.

The problem is potential footwear. The "straight pants", while not skinny or for rolling, work okay with loafers and low heel because the width at the hem falls on top of the foot. The trousers seem to beg to fall over a bootie of some sort, maybe a 1.5-2" stacked heel, but has to be comfortable and not look wintry, and I'm stumped for that as well as color. I have my olive Halogen laceless loafer-shootie , but they look too dark. Then add to that I don't get as much use from tan booties because I really miss closer bookending with hair. My ideal shoe would be maybe gray reptile or 2-tone bootie-shootie that "reads" darkish but picks up white, so might go with other things as well. Not to be a whinger, but metallic has not been working well for me overall for day wear, especially nothing very light or reflective. Still, never say never.

Naturally I don't want to cut tags or hem until I decide if I can style with footwear and not have an orphan. If these white trousers would be "classic" ( or have a couple years' longevity) I could take time to look for something.

I didn't expect them to look good, is the thing!

Thoughts on white "trousers"--classic, or dated already ? The hunt for footwear ? Orphans?