I found this pretty olive Brian Atwood cross body on a 75% off sale table at lord and Taylor. It followed me home while I decide. I'm trying to stick to my "want list" for fall shopping and this was not on it, but it's beautifully made and a lovely soft olive with a bright fuscia lining. I definitely had my sales goggles on but that's ok with me as long as I'm thoughtful about it. I love olive and have been wearing it more lately, mostly with neutrals like black, white, and denim. I need to make sure it can close fully while holding my stuff.

Maybe not a deal breaker but I'm wondering if it will go with my two new coats....what do you think?

UPDATE: As I said originally, this is a gorgeous little cross body bag. However, as I was trying it out with outfits and especially fall/winter toppers and coats, a curious thing happened. In every single case, I preferred a bag of a different color. In effect this bag fit the role of understudy, but never the lead. I think this reflects how I feel about olive in general - a great supporting act/neutral but never the star of the outfit.This was totally emotional, and I'm trying to follow Angie's sage advice (pun intended!) and listen to those emotions.

I have a couple of cross body bags in black, and love the idea of getting another color, but for example cognac or dark red would be better. Back it goes, where another shopper can give it the love it deserves and I can spend the $$ on something I love more.