I was reviewing my budget in advance of Christmas gift buying/trip planning.

Naturally, I reviewed my clothing expenses for 2017. I wanted to see if seasonal buys were more costly, less costly, or about even with historic data. My clothing expenses in 2107 were less than in 2016. I don't think I bought less, I think I bought better.

But something jumped out at me.

I have great confidence when buying bottoms. Even though I boldly tried new silhouettes and new colors, all of my pant purchases were deemed successes. I had one "impulse buy" that worked out for me. I had six "best buys." Other Forum Members might use the term "workhorses" in place of "best buy."

Tops are a completely different issue for me. I lack confidence when buying tops. I bought a lot of tops (not one single top earned the title of "best buy"). Furthermore, when I thought or hoped that a particular top would be a success I duplicated multiple times.

There doesn't seem to be a coherent thread running through my top purchases. It has the "feel" of a mad dash toward an undefined finish line. Try this! No, maybe that! What about this one! I'll take two!

I obviously get dressed everyday, but there is no precision in my tops category.

So I plan on addressing this odd discrepancy. It seems clear to me that it all comes down to self knowledge and self confidence.