I could use a new pair of dark skinny jeans, now that my old favourites developed a crotch hole (the only unacceptable hole these days, lol). I would accept black or dark indigo, but there's not a lot on offer at the moment. Granted, this might be because it's coming up summer, so there are more light washes out there at the moment. But still. What is up with all that torn denim? I've come to accept and even like some distressing on jeans, but it feels like every second pair out there has knee holes! Add to the fact that most jeans are high-rise, which doesn't really work on my figure, and that the skinny jeans are likely to be too skinny...I think I'm going to have to wait for fall.

There is lots and lots of optic white (again, because summer) but I'm not really a fan. Works out well for those of you who want white jeans -- as long as you're OK with high rise and/or lots of rips!