The reasons:

1. Have fully recovered financially from the renovation, so there's money to spend on clothes again

2. Finally have a great walk in closet, but I don't want to overfill it.

3. Have done a lot of decluttering over the past year, due to the reno finalizing and the walk in closet aforementioned.

4. Have gained weight due to aforementioned reno, travel, menopause and all that... so up until now a lot of the shopping has been "justified" because I needed the next size up....

Probably the bigger reasons for the Ugh I just want to shop lately, beyond reasonable proportions:

4. The last 4 years I've been traveling constantly, 50% of my job. So capsule wardrobes based on neutrals like black, and built around a few pairs of black travel-worthy shoes and a couple of travel-useful neutral bags that go with everything, made a lot of sense. But now I am in a travel hiatus for the next 6 months!!!! And suddenly my simple neutral wardrobe seems confining, not freeing.

5. OMG the maximal trends and all the colors!! I've been quite happy with neutrals for the past 4 years, haven't missed the colors. But now... the colors!!! And high waisted! And plaid! And flares! And all the favorites from my younger days. Oh my, can someone please find me a cranberry chenille sweater? So many memories.

I am auditing, auditing, auditing, constantly asking myself, do I need this, trying to remember why I banned certain colors (like yellow) or shapes previously. But I feel like a kid in the candy store going down memory lane and I want to try on everything, even things I know years ago I determined weren't my best shapes and patterns and colors...

I still want a reasonable size closet, for me (have more room now! yeah!). And for my lifestyle. If I'm not traveling as much the next 6 months, if I now live in a yoga/leggings/sneaker/hoody side of town, that actually means less not more... and yet... my heart... calls....

Take for example the leopard trend. I already have leopard shoes (three pairs, heels, mules, booties). And I have a leopard coat, H&M spring impulse buy, haven't even worn it yet.. as I can't get over the thought leopard should be in small doses only. Okay I also have a BR snow leopard sweater from last fall and I did wear that a lot last season, and will again this season. I am so tempted to add a leopard print bag too! I used to have a clutch but the fur wore down too much and it got ratty so I donated it. I tell myself... you have enough leopard. But yeah. I got a hellah lot of use out of that clutch so maybe now is time to replace?
Except my lifestyle has changed a lot.

Can anyone relate?

I have not felt this strongly about fashion trends in a long, long while. But I'm not sure if it's the trends tugging on sentimentality for me (70s, 80s) or is it that lifestyle shifted and I don't have to rely on practical neutral travel capsules?