* UGC stands for “urban graphic Chanel”, my Spring “theme”.

Hi all

In my last post CocoLion observed that I seemed to be going a bit equestrian. She is right After years of wearing jeans mostly with ankle boots, I am suddenly enjoying wearing them with knee high boots again. I love the look of the 2 pairs of lace up boots that I bought last winter (one black, one burgundy). I have been wearing them A LOT. They are so comfortable that I can wear them to walk my dog. Hey, Angie wears pearls Visually I like the way they balance my thighs. It will soon be too warm for this look so I’m milking it while I can.

Pic 1: After visiting the Met I became obsessed with the combination of dark red, dark green and gold in Byzantine style jewellery. This outfit is one of several attempts I’ve made at that colour mix recently.

Pics 2-3: a much warmer day. I overheat easily in my upper body, but not in my legs, so tall boots and a short sleeve (or sleeveless) dress is a good formula for me in transitional temperatures. I took along the Jenn poncho for cooler temps in the early morning and evening. Lots of texture and pattern, which made me happy (I know these aren’t my best colours).

Pics 4-5: moto boots this time. New two tone pullover from Veronika Maine (the cuffs are light blue, the rest is dark blue) worn under blue tweed moto jacket. Chunky silver jewellery.

Pic 6: lace up boots again (this time in black), with cognac jacket, graphic floral top and black velvet pants. Pearls layered with stone choker.

Pics 7-8: ivory jacket, olive green top, burgundy boots and leopard bag. I am wearing 5 layered necklaces (one is doubled over so it looks like 6). All are from Etsy, except for the stone choker (which is from Witchery).

Your thoughts welcome

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