This came up in a very tangential way in another thread that wasn't about corduroy, and it seems several of us are curious about types of corduroy. I'm one of them.

Much like Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion, I turned to the great and powerful Oz to ask about the different types of corduroy. Because I know about as much about types of corduroy as I do about how to read Japanese kanji characters. These days, we don't call it The Great and Powerful Oz, we call it Google or Wikipedia.

Screen caps attached, but Wikipedia says that there are these:

* standard wale
* pinwale
* pigment dyed/printed corduroy

Apparently, other names for corduroy are:
* corded velveteen
* elephant cord
* pin cord
* Manchester cloth
* cords
* cord
* rib cord
* rib velvet

My thoughts on this Information:
I am assuming elephant cord is what I think of as a wide wale corduroy, and pin cord or pin wale is what I think of as fine wale. Printed cord makes me think of a paisley printed Ralph Lauren looking corduroy.

Beyond this basic Information, I still have questions:

* what kind of fibers are commonly used to create corduroy? Wikipedia shows examples using cotton and wool, but I want to know if there are others.
* what types of corduroy do fashion people talk about? What does somebody like Angie call the different types of corduroy?
* what do seamstresses call different types of corduroy? Seamstresses and sewers might have different words for it than designers and stylists?

And since corduroy generally becomes a "trend" every fall. WHY DO THEY CALL IT A TREND WHEN IT IS JUST A SEASONAL FABRIC?!?!?!?
Similarly, why is linen called a trend every summer when linen is just a hot weather fabric?

I digress. Corduroy, fall, trend... stay on topic, Cindy

How many of us are team corduroy when the weather turns cool?

Anybody who has answers to ANY of these questions, please respond so I can learn more about fabric and learn more about everyone's personal tastes. Thank you for reading and commenting

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