I’m looking for a new pair of walking should for an upcoming trip to the mountains of Southern France and Barcelona. I have older Clarks that work well for this sort of thing, but they are getting a bit worn and are just a bit orthopedic looking. I might bring the older Clark’s since they are perfect as a light hiking shoe for the mountain part of the trip.

Yesterday I tried on the Dansko Charlie at a local shoe store, as well as Eccos Softs. The Dansko is far more supportive with a much thicker sole, so I brought them home in black. The Eccos are still a candidate for next fall but more of a regular sneaker. I have started having
occasional plantar fasciitis during all-day city walking so I’m looking for
something super supportive and less concerned about style, although I would like it to be JFE. My only reservation is that they are perforated leather which means they will not be good in heavy rain, but the upside is that perforated footwear is good in hot weather when you don’t want to wear sandals. Angie and Inge and others have the red and white versions in their finds. The shoe store has a 10-day return policy so I need to decide quickly whether to keep.

I was looking on YLF for other ideas an found the Clark Sillian that Angie and others loved in last year’s version. I may order a pair of these for comparison.

What do you think of the look of both shoes? Has anyone tried them both?

1 – Older clarks I already have

2 – new Dansko Charlie I just bought home

3 – Dansko Charlie in Red which Angie etc put in
their finds along with the white ones

4 – Clark Sillian I’m thinking of ordering

5 – Clark Sillian last year’s model bought by Angie and

6 - Ecco I will consider later on as a more traditional sneaker, much less cushioning than the Danskos.