For those who are interested:

1. Women of a certain age do not wear shorts. They wear dresses, skirts, culottes and cropped pants in the Summer. VERY occasionally, you'll see a lady wear knee-length shorts. It has nothing to do with conservatism or modesty. The Netherlands is one of the most progressive countries in the world. (Nudity on the tele is not censored at all. Ever).

2. Zero Athleisure

3. Lots of Fashion Sneakers (Sporty Luxe is alive and well). Sneakers are the shoe of our generation.

I noticed the same when I lived in France. Also, as I was helping clients build travel capsules for Italy this year, they came back and mentioned the same two points. It's Euro dressing culture.

IMPORTANT: I am NOT saying that Euro style is a better way to dress. Shorts and Athleisure are very acceptable and inspired ways to dress in the US and Canada - and in the same vain, it's part of the culture here. I'm merely fascinated by the dressing differences across the globe, and wanted to share them. As long as we as women have a choice, it's all good.

Off to work with a client so I'm posting and running.