The hubby has booked us an early February trip to Turks&Caicos for a week. I am figuring out what to pack, and have taken the occasion to audit my summer clothes and update/refresh. Lots of resort wear out right now. I've always found that this time (pre-Spring and then Spring) tends to be the best time to refresh my summer clothes, while the pickings aren't too slim.

I take a petite though these days I'm veering into a petite medium in some brands. Some regular smalls work but very often, not vertically, as I'm only 5'0." So I've been on the order online/ return jag. Got a lot of things coming and going right now.

My question is what would you pack for such a trip? Have you been there? When we were in Hawaii this past year I didn't need as much as I packed, though I wished I had more cover-ups (they get gross easily from sunscreen) and better hats (my scalp burns easily) and a good rashguard + shorts option for boat /snorkeling. We were barely at the resort every night because we were driving around from place to place every day, so I wore like one dress for a dinner at the resort. I don't know what to expect with T&C and if we might be eating at the resort most nights (it's an all inclusive but hubby says we will probably eat out some nights).

I don't mind ordering more than I need as surely I will wear it this summer (my summer capsule needs refreshing). But what to pack, and how much, is the question.

I guess my biggest struggles right now are:

1. How much to pack of each category (beach, boating, nighttime resort wear)
2. Cover-ups that fit petite figures that aren't slim but aren't tent-like or overwhelming on a short person (i.e., I need an XS or even XXS regular for vertical proportions... but horizontally I need more like a medium... so petite cover-ups it is.... and they are virtually nonexistent!)
3. Rash guards with same requirements as above. That don't cling to the midsection. And have a zip.
4. Hats, or a hat. Crushable, packable would be ideal but I'm not picky as long as it fits my small dang head AND protects my scalp from the sun. And works when you're tipping back on a lounge chair. And doesn't fly off in the wind! I have some cute hats but I usually wind up slapping on the same old "gear" baseball cap because it fits all the above requirements. It's getting grody now so I need a replacement.