Maybe the model is just really, REALLY tall.

I've noticed this, too, and because I tend to avoid the extra hip bulk of tunics-over-pants, I now view every tunic as a potential dress.

Just tried on multiple dresses for evening wedding. The knees need to be well covered. I am a leggy 5'8" and luckily found one that worked. Very hard to be happy with dress length. I also don't want to wear super long tunics regularly, especially in the heat. I am in a car too often to want to corral a lot of volume day to day. There are more longer options than there were about 5 years ago, though I like dresses just below the knee, not always midi.

Good luck to all of us. My almost 6 foot tall daughter struggles with dress length every shopping trip. Some midis would be a good length on her, but then the other proportions are off, of course.

Well whatever it is I hope it works out for you. It is very pretty.

I'm waiting for the sandals shown with that tunic/dress to go up on the Zara site. I love them.

The print on the dress-I-mean-tunic is really pretty. The model is 5'8". Will it be too long for you?

This is the first time I'm noticing this, but I did think it was funny that tunics were mentioned because I just picked up 2 tunics to try layering with cropped leggings as a "new to me" look for summer.

Can't wait to see you style this "tunic!" I'll remember to search for tunics more in the future!

I've been searching for tunics or dress over pants on line shopping and hardly anything pops up that I'm actually looking for. I mean for over a year. It's a look I really have wanted to implement. Looking for solid classy flattering dress/tunics and it is suprising what a dearth there is, or at least named what I'm searching for, I could be searching wrong!). Time for an Angie list (which it seems I almost always succumb and click and buy from her glorious lists!)

Can't wait to see you wearing said tunic!