I miss a lot of posts on the forum because of time difference, but I am so happy I didn't miss this one. Your daughter is totally adorable!!! And you are one chic mama

Definitely one of my favorite formulas....this is beautiful. I haven't been to Target in a long time, maybe I need to get back over there. Your DD is precious!!

Day Vies- your little one is so delicious!! Enjoy every moment with your gorgeous girl!! Love the tunic and skinnies, I am tunic and leggings girl - nothing more comfy, elegant or practical!! Enjoy!!

I love tunics with skinnies too. And yours looks great, especially with the turquoise accessories.

Your adorable daughter totally steals the show, though!

Perfection, right? DD I mean.

The outfit too

Wow - such a great, versatile piece this will be! That turquoise neckpiece is absolutely perfect with it - and what a lovely picture you take! Your little one is so sweet - congratulations!

Omgoodness, your little girl is gorgeous! My what big, beautiful eyes. She is absolutely beautiful, Day Vies, and you look sleek and stunning. Love the blues.

Oh, she's a cutie!

I love the turquoise accents with the black and white. DD is so cute!

You and your daughter both look great!