I wear mainly full length skinny jeans and pants at the moment, because of the weather and because I really like the look of skinnies tucked into tall boots.

I do however wear them with booties/ankle boots as well, also tucked in. I have never thought twice about it, and I see lots of people doing the same where I live, but now I realised that YLF maybe does not approve of this? Or maybe just under specific circumstances, with specific types of boots/booties? Or is this a regional thing?

Here is a thread by KMM where Angie advises against tucking, which first alerted me to this:


And here is a recent thread by SarahD8 with several comments about how to wear skinnies with ankle boots or sock boots, and the consensus seems to be to roll, scrunch, or wear the skinnies over the boots. La Pedestrienne suggests you can tuck if the shaft is higher than ankle height. Suz also gives some examples of when she would tuck.


I don't think I will stop wearing my skinnies this way, but I would rather break the rules knowingly than being oblivious to them.

So what's the verdict? Does it depend on the height of the boots/booties whether you tuck? Or on the level of dressiness? Or are there other factors?

Pic # 1: My booties with velvet pants tucked in. All other pics: esprit.eu

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